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Storyboarder / Writer

Hi I'm tom! I got experience:

- For 4+ years, freelance, in studio, and work from home

- As lead storyboard on shows and features

- Been invited to develop for some of the big shots (ask my bank account how that went so far, but still!)

- I love action and comedy! (and also drama I guess, so)

Clients incldue Netflix, MGA studios, ECB ed, and more! Enemies include boredom and stuffy old teachers, boo!

Boards to finals comparison

LOL House of Surprises S1

Cool UNSCRIPTED example:

I thought the plane al
ready being parked as scripted was boring, so I pitched a cool landing and hero entrance sequence!!! My awesome director  gave me the greenlight and the client ended up loving how awesome it made their plane.



rnm musical fanimatic excerpt -

Rick blows up a spaceship of aliens who use mind-control to force populations into (beautifully-boarded) musical montages

click and use <- arrows -> or download!

Comedy / Action for kids. HMU for all the secret info.

click and use <- arrows -> or download!

Live Episode-Pitch Sample
(this is what you get on ZOOM
(this and my charming smile))

hear me pitch sample
scenes I wrote and boarded

based on Tyler Chen's KOALA and Reed characters

Spec Scripts
original, pitches, and feature length available on request

Tom Szekely (sz) Portfolio || Contact me at

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