Cartoonist / Illustrator

Juicerista - published comic book
A big wacky load of fun: lots of gags, cartoony expressions, non sequiters, and big finales!
Similiar in style to Spongebob, Gumball, or Looney Tunes.
Available in stores now!
Juicerista Sample Gallery



Co-Directed with Daniel Lichter


Written and Directed by Christopher Gilbert

Animation sequences by Tom Szekely

Mile End Studios 2012

The Cartoony Academy

Directed by Daniel Lichter

Tom Szekely - Portfolio תום סקלי - פורטפוליו


with Srutonim animation crew


Character Designs

Background Designs


Additional Comics Samples


Animatic for Luncheon.


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Animatic for Terraformin'.


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