Writer / Director


A Sci-Fi Cartoon show about a plucky astronaut hero, on a mission to terraform an entire planet with awesome techniques and crazy gadgets.


Screened at Youtube's Made for Web competition, DragonCon Atlanta, and Utopiafest 2014


Sunny Tel-Aviv

Yoni wakes up late for work, finds out to her surprise a strange pair of newlyweds in her livingroom, and learns the hard-way that to find a good apartment in Tel-Aviv, you need to get a crazy awesome real estate agent. Like, crazy, awesome, agent.

Finalist at Improaction 5




A comedy, to examine the boundaries of personal space, manners, and good taste.


Finalist at Improaction 4.

Ninjas! TWO of Them!!!

Join student-ninjas Penny and Razor on their first mission together, as they attempt to poison the Minister of Immigration at City Hall with a deadly candy bar!


Screened at Living British Cinema Festival


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www. shamefulglory .com


Shtein's Books - "Closing Time!"

Created by Hallel Rosenberg.




It Came to Come!!!

Co-Directed with Guy Allen-Davis


Tom Szekely - Portfolio תום סקלי - פורטפוליו