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You've been invited to a private portfolio!

(that shows how cool I am, dawg)

So please no sharing :)

(unless it's with someone who can give me money to make these happen)

Private portfolio for fancy VIPS
(-->so no careless sharing, thnx :) )

Sherp and Prince

(Might be the reason you're here! )


two awesome brothers out on adventures


Space adventure / extreme camping : Miker, an overly protective dad, crash lands with his three childish sons - and while waiting for Mom to answer the distress signal, they must survive the harsh terrain - and each other!

Strawberry Fields Pineapple

Crime action romance:

Bev and Dink's Troubles

Adventure Comedy: Dimension traveling kids


Pillowfort Infinitum

Adventure: A D&D group gets stuck in an infinite pillowfort. Juan the evil Dungeon Master gets actual magic powers he uses to torture his friends.


Published Comics (hit me up for for full issues)

Cartoony adventures of a juice-stand lady and her waaaacky customers

Misc Character Design

Old, beloved student films

give every actor a job, they're troopers

Voice reel

(I like shouting)

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