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published comics Juicerista - excerpts

published comics Juicerista - excerpts


Animation Reel 2021


rnm musical fanimatic excerpt -

Rick blows up a spaceship of aliens who use mind-control to force populations into (beautifully-boarded) musical montages

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Character Design

After crashing the family space winnebago, a dad has to keep his man-childish sons from dying / killing each other

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Live Episode-Pitch Sample
(this is what you get on ZOOM
(this and my charming smile))

hear me pitch sample
scenes I wrote and boarded

based on Tyler Chen's KOALA and Reed characters

Spec Scripts
original, pitches, and feature length available on request


comics Juicerista


48 hour film "Monkoliths"
A gentle trippy sci-fi meditation on wholesome monkey family bonds and sandwiches


Character Design

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