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Storyboarder / Writer

- Comedy / Action

- Looking for revisionist or work on board-driven shows

- Experience pitching to netflix and smaller studios

hey cool choices

oooh very decisive

wowee what a cool guy


rnm musical fanimatic excerpt -

Rick blows up a spaceship of aliens who use mind-control to force populations into (beautifully-boarded) musical montages

After crashing the family space winnebago, a dad has to keep his man-childish sons from dying / killing each other

Comedy / Action for kids. HMU for all the secret info.

Published Comics


Funny juice-stand lady, wacky customers!

if slick slideshow isn't working, try these -->

Juicerista_link_02 copy.jpg

Adventure Time Fancomics

Tom Szekely (sz) Portfolio || Contact me at

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