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Storyboarder / Writer

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Hi I'm tom! I got experience:

- For 4+ years, freelance, in studio, and work from home

- As lead storyboard on shows and features

- Been invited to develop for some of the big shots (ask my bank account how that went so far, but still!)

- I love action and comedy! (and also drama I guess, so)

Clients incldue Netflix, MGA studios, ECB ed, and more! Enemies include boredom and stuffy old teachers, boo!


Episode Pitch Sample

(this is what you get on ZOOM

(this and my charming smile))

hear me pitch sample scenes I wrote and boarded,

using Tyler Chen's KOALA and Reed characters

Things that aren't storyboards

(but still incredibly impressive)

Animation Reel 2021

published comics Juicerista - excerpts


48 hour film "Monkoliths"
A gentle trippy sci-fi meditation on wholesome monkey family bonds and sandwiches

Character Design

Adventure Time Fancomics

Fanart Mermay 2020



Tom SZ is a graduate of Queen Mary University of London with experience in storyboarding / writing / animation in freelance and studios.

Tom Szekely (sz) Portfolio || Contact me at

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